Global ITCommune( GIC)

Vision /Mission

Conferences/Seminars and Workshops around IT Technologies today are highly expensive and employees find getting sponsored by their organizations becomes a herculean task. To attend say an average of 4 conferences in a year costs an employee or his company around 70-80,000 INR) keeping per conference cost as close to Rs 20,000 INR ( inclusive of all taxes). The main cost contributor is the 4/5 Star Hotels which were the venue sites for many conferences and hence representation across roles/levels were poor and only select few participated and presented.

All IT/ CXO/CIO/COO s of Pune/Delhi-NCR/Bangalore/Mumbai/Chennai wanted to create a cost effective viable solution to this problem. It was then decided to provide all the IT Commune members atleast 4 conferences/workshops/seminars ons around emerging trends in IT/ Software Testing by making IT employees an annual member with only a nominal annual subscription fee of Rs 3000 per year.

This means the conferences will be held in auditoriums of Software Companies, Management/Engineering colleges where more conferences/seminars and workshops with more frequency(4 in a year) in a year at less than one-tenth of annual market spend. GIC tied up with 50+ eminent speakers across Pune/Mumbai/Bangalore/Delhi from various skills sets as per Gartner predictions and also tied up with 40+ venue points across the cities by collaborating with Engineering/Management colleges and IT companies with huge capacity auditoriums.

Themes around ISMS, Virtualization, ITIL, Big Data, Digital Assurance, Robotics, SMAC, Cloud, Agile, Devops, IOT, Digital Testing, Test Process Improvements, Process Improvements, Automation, Agile COEs, Cyber Security , Performance testing, Accelerators, Tools, Networking, RIM, IAAS, Infrastructure as Code, and themes around Gartner ‘s top technology predictions are the part of the 2016 calendar of GIC. Speakers and Subject Matter Experts have been identified to deliver the themes and topics for each of the conference events.

      Benefits to GIC members
  • He or/She can attend the conferences as a speaker, audience or as panel member at affordable cost.
  • He or She can be abreast of the latest technological trends in Software Industry from the battery of eminent speakers/thought leaders in Software Industry.
  • He or She can have access to all the knowledge resources at one common area and also gets subject matter expert mentors by having access to them.
  • GIC members becomes a brand into himself/herself and is well known in the Software Industry Landscape for his areas of skills/competency due to frequent presentations at various sites with different audience set .