Global ITCommune( GIC)

Problem Statement :

*1 Conferences, Seminars, Trainings and Workshops around IT Technologies today are highly expensive and IT professionals find it expensive to get the sponsorship from their training/L&D organizations . Only 1-2% of the large IT force in the country of 60-70 Lakh IT professionals attend conferences and others are not able to connect with speakers/experts/good trainers. Today an average conference cost 10-12k and if a person has to attend an average of say 4 conferences in a two year window, he or she has to shell out close to 50L or even more from his pocket . No Training department in the IT organizations could bear such a cost

*2 Business Development through Sponsorship was an expensive affair for start ups, Mid sized IT companies. To promote their organization, currently companies put stalls/exhibitions booth which cost couple of lacs or more and if a companies had to regularly do business traction say in 4 conferences or trainings, they had to shell close to 10-12 lacs or even more in a two year window.

*3 Technology landscape was changing at a fast pace. IT professionals wanted to keep abreast of futuristic technologies , technologies shaping our next decade till 2030. Currently there is no platform for IT professionals to learn all the upcoming technologies.


To solve the above three problems, GIC moved the venue of these events from five/four star hotels to huge auditoriums of Engineering College and Management colleges across the country.

To solve the first problem, The entire IT industry with its trainers,speakers, experts started conducting the conferences in these auditoriums and we could conduct four conferences and pass on the benefits to our delegate members. Today GIC has kept a membership fee of Rs 6000 for IT professionals to attend four conferences in a two year window from the date of joining. Each conference comes as low as Rs 1500 to attend. GIC has tie up with 30+ educational institutions of repute in Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad today. This was a disruption in conference/training fee model in the Industry.

Similarly for the second problem, GIC has affordable sponsor slots ranging between 16k to 20k based on the category to sponsor the IT conference. Companies get quick business traction and are able to connect with a large ecosystem of IT professional s ( close to 400 IT companies base)/Academia /Startups/Investors/Decision makers/). Unthinkable sponsorship fees was a disruption in this space.

To solve the third problem,GIC has tied up with speakers all over based on Gartner Predictions 2030 and they come and share the updating technology landscape around IT/QA /SMAC/Emerging Technologies. Like New screens, Proximity technology, Edge computing, Smart cities, quantum computing, Clean technology, wireless power, New touch interfaces, advanced materials, geo-spatial technology, Human-Computer interaction, Health technology, Collaborative Technology, Nano technology, voice assistants, cyber security, Customer Journey experience, 3D printing to name a few.

Current technologies like AI, RPA, CRPA, DL, ML ,Block chain , Big data, Automation, Robots, Immersive media, Mobile technologies and cloud computing continue to be the themes in all the conferences, trainings, seminars and workshops conducted by GIC.

      Benefits to GIC members
  • Can attend four conferences in 2-2.5 year time frame from the date of joining.
  • Can speak and present papers, build individual/co as brand .
  • Can avail discounted course fees on One day , two day technology training sessions conducted by GIC0
  • Networking with 400 + GIC members, members coming from 350+ logos.
  • Will be part of the whatsapp group connecting members from varied and diverse technology/management backgrounds. Technology discussions are carried out by 400+ IT professionals in the group
  • access to GRC( Global Resource Commune)- Hiring team of GIC
  • access to GLC ( Global Leaders Commune) - Leadership team of GIC
  • C3 program ( Coffee Career Connect) talk with leaders on weekends for career discussion/upgradation.
  • GIC has enabled 100+ entry level jobs, 54+ middle management jobs, and 38+ leadership jobs in the last 2.5 years.
  • It helps freelancers/consultants/trainers in getting assignments.
  • GIC conference references and training are accepted by all L&D functions in IT industry.
  • You can promote your organization by making them sponsor for our conferences
  • In all conferences from 2018 onwards , we have Subsidized presentation slots for Startup India- Pitch Conclave where GIC has tied up with VCs, Angel Investors, Early Seed fund ventures.If you are an entrepreneur, or you are an employee you can ask your company to showcase your services,products, or any offerings in the conferences. ( GIC has tie up with Exfinity venture, saif capital, nexus venture and inventus capital to name a few ). They are open to invest in consulting, training, pure services, pure products, pure training s or for that matter in educational sector, any company, which helps to grow their investment ..). VC s are keen to hear from you as speakers as they are keen to invest in people and domain experts for hiring them as advisers to their funds./portfolios across domains/technologies


Sponsorhip Opportunities at GIC
Opportunity Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor
Representing a product/service of a company by Company Representative with stage time+panel time+networking Yes Yes Yes
Logo of the company on stage with flex board at entrance/backstage/vantage points. Yes Yes No
Exhibition Booth( stall can be put up near auditorium to share marketing collaterals) with sponsor banner at venue/auditorium Yes No No
60,000 40,000 20,000