Coffee Career Connect ( C3) is a program of GIC for job opportunities.

Problem Statement :

Most of the job portals are collection of huge big data where candidates post their profiles against requirements but since the amount of seekers are too many to catch the attention and the profile lies un noticed in huge databases of Naukri, Monster, Linkedin, Indeed or for that many any job portal. Thousands of applications for one job in few hours states that not even a call is possible for many job seekers. The problem is of high magnitude for Middle Management and Senior Management who fail to get jobs with out networking or reference. Hence a need is there for a strong referral relationship strong platform which C3 program of GIC Created.

Response to Problem: GIC team identified key decision makers and leaders from its member data base and requested the Leaders to meet the Aspirants who too are GIC members. Aspirants are counseled to present themselves as leaders . A coffee talk is scheduled between two leaders over a coffee in a coffee house like CCD or Star Bucks. No JD is there. The Employer Leader meets the prospect Leader over a informal chat. Once the networking is done, the Employer Leader goes back raised a JD/Indent and maps the Aspirant Leader for the role and HR round is initiated. Number of rounds are minimized and the closure happens faster than normal hiring window.



GIC has been able to place 100+ Leaders in the last two years thru this program especially at Middle Management and Top Management ( Senior Management ) Level.